Senate Dance 2017 - 2018

Senate Dance Club, La Crosse, WI


We start the second century!


December 16, 2017


We had a wonderful and memorable celebration in December! 


YES- We Added April


April 7, 2018

La Crosse Country Club

Band - Under Paris Skies

Great Dinner


May 19, 2018


UW-L - the new Bluffs Union.

Band by Mike Snustead


This is a wonderful way to share the music of dance, food, and community.  


After the activities of the Centennial Year, the Senate Dance Club is stepping thoughtfully into the new century.


Make the best of dinner dancing for the year  


Signup -




Dec 16, 2017 dance




April 7, 2018 dance



May 19, 2018 dance 



With your help, we will bring new dancers and embrace the joys of dinner dancing.


Each dance brings a wonderful band, good food, conversation, and shared friendships.


See the membership page for reservations detail