Senate Dance 2016 - 2017 

Senate Dance Club, La Crosse, WI


It has taken us a century to create this moment. 

Final RSVP needed by Friday, Oct 21 - Please contact Julie Schroeder (see Centennial page)


Centennial Dance -

October 29, 2016


Join in the celebration and share the memories of the Senate Dance Club examples of period dance tunes and cocktails and reflect on the times and histories that make us who we are.




The October 29 Dance is a special time for all current, former, and curious dance and music lovers to witness and create history.



Dinner, stories of local and national experiences, and sharing  the life from our families, friends, and dancers throughout the decades.


See Centennial Page for expanded infromation. 

Make the best of dinner dancing for the full year  


Membership Option -



Join the Senate Dance Club for three dances


In addition to the unique celebration October 29, continue your dinner/ dance season with a membership for the year.


Add these dates:


December 10, 2016


May 20, 2017


Each dance brings a wonderful band, good food, conversation, and shared friendships.


See the membership page for detail